Meet the Hubers

CandiceDisney Oct. 2012 137

Candice is 30 and (obviously) a HUGE Winnie the Pooh fan. Tigger is her favorite; one of our dogs is actually named after Tigger! If you ask her nicely, she might even sing the Tigger song for you. Some other things you may or may not know about Candice:

  1. Her favorite Disney princesses are Belle, Tiana, and Aurora. Belle and Tiana because Candice isn’t so much into damsels in distress (plus, she likes to read just like Belle). Aurora because she’s Candice’s childhood favorite.  Candice used to always say that she was going to marry Prince Philip.
  2. She is WAY into fantasy football and can quote NFL football statistics like a pro. She has 5 fantasy football teams.
  3. She is actually a really good rapper. Yep, I said *rapper*. White girl has rhythm. Go to karaoke with her and you’ll see what I’m talking about.
  4. Her 2 seconds of fame: She was in a 504 Boyz/Master P video. For literally 2 seconds. When she was 16. At Mardi Gras. Which one you ask? Wobble Wobble. Did I mention white girl has rhythm?
  5. She is a little OCD. And by a little, I mean a lot. Like, she rearranges the cabinets in the kitchen for fun. And if glasses have monograms on them, they have to face out. Don’t even try putting the glasses monogram facing in. She *will* go Ray Finkle on you.Candice
  6. She is a writer and is currently in the process of writing a post-Katrina novel about New Orleans. Check out The Writer’s Life page for more.

Other facts:

  • Job: Health Care Industry: Epic Ambulatory Team Lead (Epic is an electronic medical records system. Ambulatory = clinic)
  • Favorite Color: Green

BradleyStar Wars Brad

Bradley is 31 and is in love with technology (especially his phone). In fact, it’s a joke that he’s always on his phone and Candice has a whole album on Facebook dedicated to it. Candice finds it fun to try and sneak the pictures when Brad isn’t looking. He’s caught on to her, though. Some things about Bradley:

  1. He is a beer connoisseur (beer snob). Things like Coors Light and Bud Light make him hurl. He hangs out at Avenue Pub in New Orleans all the time trying out new “fancy” beers. Also, he brews his own beer at home. We just bought a new fridge and guess what’s happening to the old one? Yep, kegerator.
  2. He works part time as a web developer for Touring Plans, which is owned by Len Testa, who is one of the writers of The Unofficial Guide to Disney.  Check out the menu part of the site. Yep, he built that.
  3. He is mostly a laid back, go-with-the-flow kind of guy. Except for when it comes to traffic and his hair.  These things make him turn into the Hulk.
  4. He secretly likes Glee. He won’t admit to this if you ask him, but he does.
  5. BradHe was on the front page of the Times Picayune (left) at a Zephyr’s game (that’s New Orleans’s AAA baseball team) wearing a Saints jersey (yep, the football team).
  6. He is the best manifester of things anyone has ever seen. Seriously, he has the skill down pat. Basically, it’s daydreaming but believing that what you’re dreaming about is real. He dreams, it happens. For real.

Other facts:

  • Job: Web developer & Team Lead (builds websites for the likes of Delta and American Express)
  • Theme Song: “Barracuda” by Heart. Except instead of saying “barracuda” in the chorus, you say “Brad Huber”

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