Hubers Hit the Road / San Francisco 2/2013

San Francisco 2013 Day One: Hail to the City (and the King)

We’ve had quite a few people ask us for our itinerary from San Francisco, so I’ve decided to turn this into a series of posts about our vacation. This will give me the chance to relive it at the same time! Our trip to San Francisco was the most amazing vacation I’ve ever had. To start, I’ll list some overall stats, and then I’ll move into our first day. Look for subsequent posts for days 2-9!

Stats from San Francisco 2013:

Total # distinct beers tasted: 57

Total # distinct wines tasted: 56

Total bottles of wine purchased: 25 (that’s one case and one bottle)

Total bottles of beer purchased: 18 (including two 6 packs)

Total # restaurants visited: 20

Total # wineries visited: 11

Total # bars/breweries visited: 14.

Total # landmarks visited: 17

Total # towns/cities visited: 9

And, perhaps the most important figure, total money spent: $5185

Day One: Hail to the City (and the King), Saturday, February 9, 2013

We arrived in San Francisco around 11:00 a.m. on Saturday. We flew United, and the flight was very smooth. Our car rental came from Fox Rental car (an okay company – typical rental car company) and was a Volkswagen Jetta. The car easily got us around; however, it was VERY basic with no special features. It didn’t even have cruise control! Once we arrived, we found our hotel in Union Square, the Chancellor Hotel, which is an historic hotel in the heart of downtown San Francisco. The parking lot is around the corner; however, that was never a big deal for us because the weather was PERFECT the entire time we were there!

Our view from the hotel window was amazing:529577_539735106058576_1376883490_n

HA! We weren’t in the hotel much, so that didn’t really bother us. The hotel itself was rather cramped. The hallways barely fit two people side-by-side and the furniture in the rooms was very close together. There was a good sized closet, though. The first thing we did was eat lunch at a place called Maru Sushi, which was walking distance from the hotel. We absolutely loved it! Both Bradley and I thought it was the best sushi we’ve ever had, and they had excellent miso soup! After we ate, we went back to the hotel, and I took a nap while Bradley went to SF Beer Week Event #1 at the Press Club, which was a Mikkeler Yeast Series tasting.

543496_539736782725075_200248783_nAfter my nap, we went to a bar called The Sycamore for a 184210_539736816058405_519478256_nGoose Island tasting, and it was PACKED!The bar was really cool, though. All the way in the back there’s a HUGE patio with a big movie screen and a cool little corner with bookshelves full of board games that you can play. It seemed like it would be an awesome place just to hang out. I had the Bourbon Barrel Aged Stout, which was the first real hard core beer I’ve ever tried. Believe it or not, I actually liked it!

Next was dinner at Escape from New York pizza because it was the only place we could find near the Castro Theater that didn’t have a million person line with an hour wait. The pizza was actually pretty good, akin to Slice in New Orleans. Then, we walked over to the Castro Theater for Hail to the King, an event part of SF SketchFest where Patton Oswalt 560230_539736746058412_1011826719_ninterviewed Bruce Campbell (mostly regarding the Evil Dead movies), and then they showed the Army of Darkness. For big nerds like us, this event was pretty awesome! Also, it was pretty cool to see such an historic place as the Castro Theater (in case you don’t know, the Castro is a pretty important historical landmark for gay rights). If you go to San Francisco, even if there isn’t an event at the Castro, you should still visit!

Our day was jam packed, and it was really only a half day! To sum it up for you:

Restaurants visited:

Maru Sushi: Two thumbs up!

Escape from New York Pizza: Two thumbs up!

Bars/Breweries visited:

The Press Club: Bradley gives it two thumbs up!

The Sycamore: Two thumbs up (as long as it’s not crowded)

Landmarks visited:

The Castro Theater: Two thumbs up! And YAY for gay rights!

The Chancellor Hotel: Thumbs sideways. Cool historic hotel, great location, a little cramped.

Stay tuned for info on Day Two: We’re Here for Beer!


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