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The Writing Life: Upcoming Projects

I’ve always wanted to be a writer. Ever since I was a small child, I’ve been telling stories. When most little girls saw Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, they wanted to be princesses. I just wanted Belle’s library!

Belle's Library

Over the past few weeks, I’ve made the decision that I truly want a writing life, meaning a life that revolves around writing. I want to finish my novel. I want to read. I want to write about things that matter to me. So, I’m planning a few writing projects that I’m really excited about!

Category Five

This is the working title for the novel that I’ve been working for quite a while now. It’s about time I finished it! This novel is a historical fiction piece about several people living in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina. In the midst of the most powerful storm in history, the forces of nature and fate collide, forever altering their way of life and demonstrating the power of love, loss, and redemption. I’ve recently re-worked the plot and focus of the story, and I’m really excited about where it’s going!

Fleur de Lit

As you may know from Facebook, Fleur de Lit is my personal project to form a one-stop shop for all things literary in New Orleans. About a year ago, I was looking for a listing of literary happenings in the city and was not able to find anything out there that met my needs. I thought that if this is something that I was looking for, surely there are others out there looking for the same thing. So, Fleur de Lit was born. Currently, it is a Facebook page and Twitter account, and I’m hoping to be able to launch the website on March 18. The goal of the site is to give local authors, literary non-profits, festivals, bookshops, libraries, small local publishers, and student organizations a free place to advertise their events. The ultimate goal down the line is to form a non-profit that will aid the literary community through offering free marketing/advertising/promotion for books and authors that may not otherwise get known.

Freelance Writing

I’ve begun looking for some freelance writing work as well. I would love to be able to blog, write articles and stories, and contribute to the literary community. I am hoping to get more aggressive with submissions soon.

Step One to getting my writing projects off the ground was to create a space conducive to writing, which was amazingly fun! I turned one of our guest bedrooms into my very own office/writing space, including bookshelves and books galore, a quaint little desk, my favorite artwork, and inspirational posters. It has become my happy space, and I’m so excited about writing there!

My dream life is to be a professional writer and work for a literary non-profit or bookshop. I’m going to do all that I can in order to make my dream a reality!

What is your dream? Do you have suggestions for me on literary happenings/organizations to include on the website or freelance writing opportunities? Comments are encouraged!


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