Hubers Hit the Road / San Francisco 2/2013

San Francisco Beer Week Planning!

San Francisco








Bradley and I are SO excited about our upcoming trip to San Francisco and the wine country! Only 19 days left! We have our flights booked and just booked our hotels today. For the first half of the trip, we will be staying at the Chancellor Hotel in Union Square, and for the second half of the trip, we will be staying at the Doubletree Hotel in Rohnert Park, which is about 25-30 minutes away from Healdsburg and the wineries we want to visit.

While we’re in San Francisco, here are the things we plan to do as long as we have time (remember, we’re only there for 4.5 days):

So far, we only have two restaurants we definitely want to try: Tadich Grill and Koo (sushi). I hear that Koo is the best sushi ever in life, so I’m pretty excited about that one!

And of course, we will be attending various events for SF Beer Week!

SF Beer Week

I really want to try the beer cupcake tasting; it sounds amazing! And I found out that the San Francisco Writer’s Conference is going on while we’re there!! Might need to check that out. The tail end of the SF Sketchfest is also happening, which sounds AWESOME! I think we’re going to see Bruce Campbell present a screening of the Army of Darkness, which I’ve never actually seen!! Should be pretty phenomenal.


Since the first half of the trip is going to be on-the-go fun, we plan to relax while in the wine country. We definitely have to visit Hook & Ladder, my FAVORITE winery! I’ve run out of chardonnay from there, so it’s about time to stock up! Some other favorites are Sunce‘ and Harvest Moon, and they’re along the same road as Hook & Ladder, so we’ll likely pay those a visit as well. We might go back to La Crema and some others in Healdsburg. We’re still researching wineries we might want to try that we haven’t tried before.

Bradley wants to go back to the Peanuts museum and go ice skating because, believe it or not, he’s NEVER BEEN ICE SKATING! And after all those years living in New York! It only costs $5, so it will be well worth it just so that Bradley can say he did it. We’ll probably also eat at La Gare again because we loved it. And we definitely plan to go back and hang out in Healdsburg for a day, which is the cutest little town ever. The second half of the trip will be a lot slower paced and relaxing.

I’m really excited about this trip, because I think it will be a good mix of fun and relaxation, which is everything a vacation should be!

Does anyone out there have recommendations for things to do either in or around San Francisco or Sonoma/Napa Valley? What about restaurant recommendations? We don’t mind driving for something good! Since this will be our first time in San Francisco (although our third time in the wine country), we’re all about tips and recommendations! Let us know if you have any!

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