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Comprehensive List of Templates

Thanks for checking out The Huber Life! I’m excited about getting my life organized and about implementing the practices for myself for this year. This is where I will share a comprehensive list of all the templates I will provide on the blog. Check back periodically for new additions!

January 2013: Planning, Organization, & New Year’s Resolutions (posted on 1/2/13)

Manifesto: 2013 Goals

Practices: 2013 Practices

Getting Healthy & Happy: My Plan to Becoming a Healthier Me (posted on 1/7/13)

Meal Plan Template: Meal Planner

Exercise Plan Template: Exercise Plan Template

Sample 11 Day Menu from Fat Loss for Idiots: 11 Day Menu Starting 1-14

Home Management Binder: Important Family & Finance Information (posted on 2/24/13)

Important Account Numbers: Important Account Numbers Template

Pet Information: Pet Information

Fridge Inventory: Fridge Inventory Template

Personal Inventory: Personal Inventory Template

Gift Tracker: Gift Tracker

Bill & Payment Checklist: Bill and Payment Checklist

Project Life Freebies!

Project Life Inspiration!

PL Inspiration





From Smiling Colors:                        Filler Cards

More PL Filler Cards

Large Filler Cards

Valentine Filler Cards






From Valerie Brown Designs:     Cool Journaling Cards!

From                      How to Add Videos to Project Life

treed-worthwatching-4x6card treed-worthwatching-3x4card






From Simple Brighton:                This Week Journal Cards

From Molly Frances Porter:     Project Life 2013 Year Cards

Love Grows Here Printable

Love Grows Here






From Angie Blom Designs:  

Project Life Tags






From The Splendidly Imperfect Miss M:

Ribbon Journal Cards






From Wild Blueberry Ink:          wbi_facebookfreebie

wbi_facebook_card1 wbi_facebook_card2 wbi_facebook_card3






Twitter Freebie!







Calendar Printable

2013 Number Cards:




Binder Label Printable 2013

Scrabble Art: 

Scrabble Art




2013 Calendar:

2013 Calendar

Weekly Title Card Template


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