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The Huber Life is Now in Session!


Welcome to our new blog! The Huber Life is just that…a blog about our life. A digital scrapbook. A place to keep memories, things we like, bookmarks, clips, and anything else that catches our fancy. You’ll see pages here for just about everything – from our pets (we LOVE animals), to our home (and the renovation/redecorating process), to our hobbies (Disney, writing, beer, and travel!).

Candice and Brad have also decided to participate in Project Life beginning in 2013, which involves documenting everyday life in an easy way – no fancy, time-consuming scrapbooking involved! Some initial ideas:

  1. Take a picture coordinating with the day of the month, i.e. 1 picture on the first, 2 on the second, etc.
  2. Make a manifesto and practices to follow for 2013.
  3. Before and after pictures of home organization/renovation.

Brad will post about about cool things like converting our old fridge into a kegerator, brewing his own beer, programming, and Disney. Candice will post about writing her first novel, home organization, her weight loss journey, and Project Life.

So, as we live and experience life and beauty, we will share it with the world. And hopefully, you’ll hang out with us from time to time.



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